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Scars on the Face – Best way to reduce the appearance

Scars on the Face – Best way to reduce the appearance

Scars on the face can make a person very self concious, particularly if they are keloid scars or a much darker color than the surrounding skin. Irrespective of whether your scars are from a cut, a graze, surgery or even acne, following the regimen below will help improve the appearance of the scar.

  1. Wear UV protection on your face

Exposure to the sun, particularly during the early days of a scar beginning to heal can cause hypergigmentation. This results in the darker appearance of scars. By using an SPF 30 or higher and generally staying out of the sun, will dramatically reduce the appearance of the scar.

2. Use a silicone cream like Rejuvasil Silicone Scar Gel

Rejuvasil is a self drying medical grade silicone gel that helps reduce the appearance of both keloid (raised scars) and hypertrohpic (raised and red), acne scars or similar (atrophic scars) sunken scars.

See the FAQ page for an excellent example of the use of rejuvasil silicone scar gel to reduce the appearance of scars.

3. Keep the scar hydrated and covered

The silicone scar gel will help keep the hydration level at a an ideal level but you can also go 1 step further by applying a silicone scar sheet to the scar at night. Depending on the location of the scar and if it is comfortable and practical to cover it with a scar sheet, it will speed up the process and provide additional scar healing benefits.

The sheets are reusable for many years or until they are ragged. If they lose their stickiness, you simply hold them in place with micropore(available from any pharmacy). It is the action of being in contact with the damaged skin that is what brings the scars appearance under control.

4. Keep your body well hydrated.

This is good for anyone to do and is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Drink bottled or tap water with no flavourants.