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“At Rejuvaskin – Scar Heal, it has always been about healthy skin. Founded in 1988 we utilize the latest technology in skin treatment. Four million scars and 60 countries later, we know that healthy skin is our priority.”

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Our mission is to build strong relationships with our suppliers and the consumer. Our values are to have integrity and a conscience in dealing with our consumers and suppliers in bringing high quality products often copied but never mastered by our competitors. Our objective is to ensure high levels of competency in service delivery. The products we distribute have the CE, FDA certification and are recognised by various countries regulatory bodies.

Scar Heal SA History

Scar Heal SA, began distributing Rejuvaskin products in 2013. Rejuvaskin utilizes the latest and most innovative technology in its products that are proven to improve the appearance of scars and aged skin. It’s product portfolio includes four state of the art technologies for improving the appearance of scars and skin. It is the only company worldwide to offer 4  advanced skin treatment modalities. The medical products are FDA and CE approved and the cosmetic products are FDA and CE registered.

Our goal is to bring high quality effective skin care to the physician, hospital and pharmacy market so that the patient and everyday consumer has access to affordable, high quality scar and skin care.

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