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Scar FX Silicone Sheeting

Silicone Sheeting

Silicone scar sheeting designed to soften and flatten raised scarring and help prevent surgical scars from forming. Scar Fx is 100% healthcare grade silicone and comes in 13 surgery-specific sizes to best fit your scar.

More than just sheeting.

Soften and flatten scars

Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting enhances your body’s natural scar healing process. Silicone sheeting forms helps limit collagen production to prevent and manage unwanted scars.

Surgery specific sizing

Scar Fx is available in 13 different shapes, including 4 specific to the breast. Each sheet corresponds to a set of procedures to best target your scar. Scar Fx contours easily to the body and can be secured with hypoallergenic tape.

Durable, self-adhering silicone

Our silicone sheets are made of 100% healthcare grade silicone. Scar Fx is durable, clear, and self-adhering. Each sheet lasts between 30-45 days. They can be washed with a mild soap and water and reused.

Doctor recommended

Silicone sheeting is recognized as the primary treatment option for post-surgical scarring by the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management.

Scar Fx Silicone Sheets are meant for different incisions, prodedures, burns and scars.

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