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Skin Care Treatments

We bring you only the best, clinically proven and environmentally friendly skincare treatments for the whole family to hydrate, revitalise and rejuvenate your skin making you look younger and restoring your confidence to go out there and be your very best.
We also offer a full line of professional medical-grade skin care products designed for every skin type.
Our professionally trained staff can assist you in choosing the correct product to complement your skin care regimen.

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Our Commitment

“We are committed to offering you a complete line of cosmeceuticals perfectly adapted to your skin’s needs, either as a daily beauty routine, or as part of an aesthetic procedure. Our range guarantees simultaneously safety, pleasure and efficacy in total transparency.

Our global approach to beauty has two goals:
– Accompany your skin during medical aesthetic procedures and allow it to recover fully. Indeed, aesthetic procedures have to be accompanied by a special skin care designed to offset any adverse effects and to reinforce the beneficial effects. This allows the skin to regain its integrity as quickly as possible and the procedure to be optimized.
– Protect the skin from daily external aggressions and prevent and slow the premature ageing of the skin through the intense stimulation of its natural repair mechanisms.”

Safe Cosmetic Formulas

“Cebelia product formulas always begin with dialogue with an aesthetic physician or surgeon. We proceed by iterations, with our priority goal being to understand and meet the skin’s needs with exclusive formulas containing effective, targeted active agents, and only those that are actually necessary. Because the more parts a product contains, the greater the risk of intolerance.
Because Cebelia products may be applied to damaged skin (due to climate, dryness, aesthetic procedures, etc.) as well as to injured skin, we are extremely mindful of the quality and sources of our raw materials. The finished products are tested by toxicology experts, and we ensure their tolerance is found to be excellent.”

Pleasing textures

“To make beauty a pleasure, each product in our cosmeceutical range is designed to be gentle and comfortable when applied. This is of vital importance to us – a good product must be enjoyable when used. And the doctors working with us provide very rigorous feedback on our products which they prescribe to their patients.
Formulated with or without a fragrance depending on the product, our textures are all smooth, creamy, moisturizing, sensory, soothing, non-greasy and, above all, suitable for damaged skin.
Our range offers a complete daily beauty routine, and each product is designed for a specific need of the skin such as cleansing, make-up removal, repair, moisturisation, regeneration, even skin tone, smoothing, soothing, concealing, decongesting, etc. All Cebelia products will ensure you have beautiful skin each day thanks to our global approach to beauty. The skin is rested and resplendent with vitality.”

Proven, effective active agents

“Each Cebelia product is tested under the control of medical specialists. This is our core purpose – to work on medical aesthetic issues in the early stages so that we and our partner specialists can understand the real needs of our skin and prove the efficacy of our formulas and our active ingredients. The results have shown spectacular improvements between patients who use a Cebelia cosmeceutical product as a pre- or post-op treatment and those who do not. Since 2007, many dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, and reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgeons around the world have been prescribing our cosmeceutical line to their patients.

This medical precaution is an expression of our pledge to offer only high quality, effective products. And our research and development strategy remains focused on these extraordinary partnerships with the greatest practitioners in the world.”

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