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Hypertrophic Scar

Hypertrophic ScarHypertrophic scars are scars that have an excessive amount of collagen causing the scar to rise, but not to the degree of the Keloid scar. Just like the Keloid scars they form at the sites of pimples, body piercings, cuts and burns. Hypertrophic scars contain nerves and blood vessels. They form after a thermal or a traumatic injury has occurred that involves the deep layers of the dermis and have high levels of TGF.

When a normal would is healing, the body produces new collagen fibres in such a way that it balances the breakdown of the old collagen. Hypertrophic scars have a red appearance, are thick and could itch allot or be painful. Hypertrophic scars do not grow beyond the wound, but they do continue to thicken for a period of up to six months. These types of scars usually improve after a year or two, but they can still cause distress due to their appearance or the intensity of the itchiness. They can also restrict movement if they are close to a joint.

It is impossible to completely prevent Hypertrophic scars, so it is essential that you inform your doctor if you have an inherited tendency to these types of scarring before having surgery done. There are scar therapies available to speed up the process of change from a Hypertrophic scar to a much flatter and paler one.


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