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Scar Fx silicone sheet 2.5cm x 18cm + Rejuvasil

Scar Fx silicone sheet 2.5cm x 18cm + Rejuvasil


One piece of Scar Fx SiliconeS sheeting will last the entire duration of your scar treatment.

Scar Fx silicone sheeting is an affordable and non surgical option to improve the appearance of your scars.   It is ideal for all skin types and skin colour.  Scar Fx Silicone sheeting is also highly recommended by doctors all over the world who have used it before.

The silicone sheeting is effective on new scars as well as on older scars.  Regardless of the age of the scar, Scar Fx is not only effective on the most severe scars such as Hypertrophic and Keloid scars, but also on scars from being burnt and on scars from surgery.

It is a low cost, non-surgical solution to making your scar tissue soft as well as smooth.  The Scar Fx silicone sheets work by neutralizing the scar’s colour and it helps flatten raised scars.

There have been no reported side effects, and the sheets are easy to use.  Scar Fx silicone sheeting is a soft, pliable, silicone formulated sheet that contours easily to any part of your body.

If required, stick tape onto the silicone sheet and onto the skin to hold in place.

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