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Frequently Asked Questions about Scars and Scarheal

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How long after I have had surgery can I use Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy?
Your sutures or staples have to be removed and the wound must be closed and dry. The sooner you start using either silicone scar sheets or scarsil topical silicone, the better. For the very best results, use silicone scar sheets during the night (silicone gel if not a flat surface) and scar esthetique during the day.

Treatment started 3 weeks after surgery, silicone scar sheets used for 3 months, before & after

Link to: Silicone scar sheets

Link to: Scar Esthetique advanced scar therapy


Treatment started 6 weeks after surgery, topical silicone gel used for 3 months, before & after

Link to: Rejuvasil Silicone Scar Gel

Link to: Scar Esthetique advanced scar therapy


How many purchases must I make of Scar FX Silicone Scar Treatment?
You only need one piece of Scar Fx Silicone Scar Treatment for the duration of the scar therapy treatment.

The silicone sheets have lost their stickiness, must a buy new ones?
No, you do not need to buy new silicone scar sheets, you can hold the sheet in place using tape (see below) A single sheet per scar will be enough for the entire treatment process.


Why do we get scars?
When your skin is traumatised it produces more collagen. The more collagen produced the bigger and darker the scar gets.

What types of scars are there?
Hypertrophic and Keloid scars are the two more severe types. These scars are harder, are non elastic, and are really tight in the skin area. The scar is a red or purple colour; they are raised and are thicker than other scars. Hypertrophic scars stay on the wound area where as Keloid scars extend beyond the wound area.

What is Scar Fx Silicone Scar Therapy and what is the Formulation?
It is a medically formulated Silicone sheet. The sheet itself is soft pliant and transparent. The silicone used is the highest grade of medical silicone in the world. All the ingredients are natural.

Are the clinical studies available?
Yes clinical studies are available and there is a wide range of research on Silicone Sheeting at your local library as well.

How does the product work?
By continuous use of the product the scarred area reduces in size and colour. The clinical studies explain in detail how Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting works.

Is Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting safe for children to use and are there any side effects?
There is always the risk of sweat reaction or dermatitis when using any topical application. If a reaction does occur discontinue use, and consult your doctor. This product is very safe for children to use. If the child is under the age of 5 wrap the Silicone in place to prevent a choking hazard.

If I stop using the Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting after the scar has been reduced, will the scar return?
There will always be some evidence of any scar but no patients have ever reported that a scar has returned once the treatment has stopped.

Does Scar Fx work on any type of scar?
It works on scars caused by burns as well as on surgical scars where the age of the scar is not a factor. It also works on Hypertrophic and Keloid scars.

Where is Scar Fx made and who are the distributors?
Scar Fx is made in the United States of America. It was developed by Speciality Systems Inc and by Scar Heal Inc. It is distributed throughout the world, and is marketed through Pharmacies and Physicians.

What is the time span for usage of Scar Fx Silicone treatment?
The product is to be used daily and must stay on for a minimum of 8-12 hours. Results can be seen in as little as a few days but for optimal results it may take up to a few weeks or even months.

What is skin in its normal state?
Skin makes up about 15% of your body weight and it is the largest organ of the human body. The skin is a vital organ because it protects your internal organs, helps the body to retain water, and it protects your body from the damaging rays of the sun. Skin is made up of 3 layers. The top layer is called the epidermis, the 2 layer is called the dermis and the last layer is called the subcutaneous layer. The dermis is the layer where you will find your nerves, sweat glands and your blood vessels. The subcutaneous layer is where you will find the supporting fibres and the larger blood vessels.

Why do we get scars?
Any distress or damage to the skin can affect at least one layer of the skin. The minute there is damage to the skin, the healing process occurs as does the bleeding. In order for the bleeding to stop blood clot formation occurs. That area that has been traumatised then becomes sore and swollen. Small tissue fibres start to form as the healing begins, and this eventually becomes solid tissue that may or may not form a scar.

Why do some people develop scars while others don’t?
During the healing process it is natural to develop scars. Some people scar more easily and factors such as personal history or their medical conditions contribute to this. Other factors could be poor nutritional habits, skin coloration as well as age.

Why does your product work?
There are 2 reasons why our product works. Number one is that your skin will try to re-achieve or preserve its homeostasis and as a result send too may fibroblasts to the wound. This is the reason that they mount up in their random fashion. There is also a high degree of surface tension on the skin, and this is the factor that the skin takes into account with the Scar Fx product. Number two is that due to the friction between the scar and the silicone sheeting static electricity is caused. This provides a stimulus to the collagen that has been over produced. It is due to this over production that the visible scar is formed. This stimulation basically wakes up the skin and it realises that there is something abnormal. The result being a much softer and smoother scar and being less visible.

Before and after using silicone sheeting for scar healing